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Welcome to the MACHINE 475 website, complete with all our songs, videos, and information about our gigs.

MACHINE 475 is an artistic collaborative / electronica-based experimental band featuring live instruments such as sitar, turntables, theremin, didgeridoo, vocoder, guitar, and percussion over hypnotizing heavy house/trance beats and softer melodic/atmospheric beats.

Next gigs:

Machine 475 announces the release of our 5th album, "Cosmic Highway". Find it on Reverbnation, Itunes, Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp and at our gigs. Lots more to come . . .

EVENT INFO: See Facebook for all event info

MACHINE 475: www.reverbnation.com/machine475


Stay tuned for more...



* Our new album "Cosmic Highway" is now available on iTunes, Amazon.com, and from us directly on CD. Featuring Remember, Cosmic Highway, Passenger, Magical, The Life of Electrons, Fly Like an Angel and Roadrunner.

* Become a fan of MACHINE 475 on Facebook, ReverbNation, and Twitter. Get the latest news, updates, videos, photos, etc.

*"Blue Kentucky Skies" featured on the compilation album "Goin' Back Home, vol 7. " Available at our gigs.

* MACHINE 475's releases, 45 Revolution, Transmission, Sinking Fast, Love is All Around, and None Of This Is Real are available at the iTunes music store and emusic.

* Installation, Film and theater collaborations completed. Read more

* The Salem Gazette published an amazing article on MACHINE 475's first album. Read now >>

* What do we sound like live? Think Underworld meets Pink Floyd but with turntables, sitar, vocals, theremin, accordion, guitar, percussion, and lots of beats.

* We are: Richard Lewis, Danielle Meara, Brian Lambers, Dan Kupka, Dan "Purple" Hayes, and Rick Hansen (see PERSONNEL page for more info).